Monday, August 16, 2010

A Career in Modeling? Modeling in 3D... SolidWorks

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  1. SolidWorks will generally run on any graphics card that supports OpenGL. For a production environment, using one of the "green-lighted" cards on their website is highly recommended.. . Using a non-recommended card will typically result in reduced performance, which could include all or some of the following symptoms:. * Slow and choppy zoom/pan/rotate.. * Bad repaint (leftover highlighted objects, mouse trails, blank dialogs, etc.). * Ghosting of document windows in the background showing through other document windows in the foreground.. * Frequent crashing.. . The SolidWorks software will typically detect an unsupported graphics card and automatically enable "Software OpenGL" mode. This mode reduces the demands on the graphics hardware and driver, resulting in increased stability but decreased performance (slow/choppy). You can manually set this option by closing all open documents and going to Tools > Options > Performance, and turn on "Use software OpenGL.". . Finally, if you're most interested in rendering (ray-tracing) using PhotoWorks, then the graphics card actually doesn't matter. Photorendering is done in the processor. A fast, dual-core CPU, and a good amount of RAM will help your PhotoWorks usage, not the graphics card you're using.

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