Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pay It Forward with Moon Beams

Lessons in Life: Everything we have learned we learned from someone, whether it was an adult, a mentor, a friend, a sibling, a teacher, a TV commercial , a You Tube video, an actor in a movie , etc. etc. Team Just Ducky believes knowledge is something not to waste and we believe in paying forward what we have learned from our robotic journeys.

On Tuesday, Aug 3rd, members of Team Just Ducky were asked to help the 4th graders at St. Ambrose School in Woodbury, MN program their robot for their upcoming FLL practice. Earlier in the summer, Team Just Ducky met with the parents and kids of St. Ambrose to show them their FLL experiences and how much fun learning can be. Shortly after this presentation, the St. Ambrose team was formed and they are now hard at work figuring out the many circles of robot programming. Just Ducky member, Steffan, got a huge laugh from seeing the youngsters hysterically laughing when he programmed the robot to do just that, twirl about in seemingly endless circles.

Team members have been following our belief in always sharing our knowledge we have gained throughout our FLL experiences. With each of the presentations we have done and will continue to do we always keep in mind to encourage all young minds to think out of their usual box and have fun learning the many lessons provided in these FLL and MoonBots challenges. It has been requested that we set up our challenge mat once again to example to the fairgoers of the upcoming MN State Fair in St.Paul, MN just how much fun our robotic learning can be. We look forward to paying if forward with moonbeams.

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  1. Best wishes to the Excited 4th graders of St. Ambrose School:)