Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jim Flis comments on Rocket Negotiation Strategy

Jim Flis* of rocket company, FlisKits , Inc. sends Lars his email response to our Legendary Epic Rocket launch video blog.

“ I looked at your Just Ducky team page and video. Very cool J Man, what I could have done if I had access to this kind of technology and programs when I was a kid! It’s wonderful to see you getting so involved and working so hard. I loved the suspense aspect of the slow-motion footage with the voice over commentary like a real NASA launch followed by the humor of the tree negotiation. HINT: Go back and negotiate while holding a chainsaw. Trees tend to be much more agreeable in such situations..LOL

Keep up the great work and special congrats !

Warm regards,


* Jim Flis started his rocket company FlisKits, Inc. in 2002 after working 25 years as Principle Engineer at Digital Equipment Corp. He was following his dream that started when he built his first Estes Sky Hook rocket in 1963. In 1980 he started the rocket club, The Goddard Society, and founded the New England Model Rocketry Convention in 1985. Besides keeping up his growing rocket business, he teaches 4 days a week with his local New Hampshire Boys and Girls Club after school programs offering dozens of classes making learning fun! Learn more at .

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