Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nantucket Sound Wins Eau Claire County Fair

Lars enters the FlisKit rocket he made for the Eau Claire, WI County 4-H Fair. It is the a lighthouse titled

“Nantucket Sound” which is a 2009 NARCON Commerative Kit in the Robert H. Goddard Historical Series. It is a whimsical lighthouse rocket reflecting the beautiful New England setting. It is 12.67” in length, and 5.02” in diameter with a fin span of 7.85” and weight of 4.12 oz . The rockets uses a parachute recovery system. Lars has painted it per the design specifications rather than using the paper shroud skins. A C11-3 to an E9-4 engine is recommended for launch although Lars will keep this in his personal not-for launch rocket collection.

On Wednesday , July 28th, 2010 ,the aerospace 4-H judges awarded Lars’ rocket a Blue Ribbon and the special distinction of selecting his “Nantucket Sound” lighthouse rocket to advance onto the WI State Fair competition 8-2-2010.

Jim Flis of FlisKits, Inc sent Lars this email message “ Congratulations on your blue ribbon! That is fantastic! I am STUNNED with how well that came out and knowing that you PAINTED the spiral pattern on the body shroud is simply amazing. You did an incredible job and should be VERY proud of yourselfJ Best of luck and success in your endevours! “

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