Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Epic Problems Solved

For the past few weeks we’ve been working everyday for lengthy hours. We have run into a few snags, starting with programming and the new advanced sensors we ordered. First we started with the gyro sensor. We contacted a local programmer and asked for some help. With his help we understood the basic math needed to program the sensor; however, we decided not to use the gyro sensor because the offset was proving to be more difficult than we anticipated. So we replaced the gyro with the compass sensor. We were able to write a program that allowed us to point our robot accurately, anywhere we choose. We have made many prototypes for the robot arm. We encountered problems while trying to pick up the rings with several of our arm prototypes. We could solve the problem when the rings were facing one known direction; however, when changing the orientation of the ring it added more of a challenge. While experiencing frustration we integrated humor to reduce our stress level.

Click here for Link---> Youtube Video

We have finally finalized an arm, solved a difficult engineering task that can pick up the rings regardless of the orientation. This is a big milestone for us and deserves a celebration. We have now successfully gathered the first two water/ice rings from the crater and working hard to gather all the rings.

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