Friday, May 28, 2010

Last Blog of Team Just Ducky of Phase One: FLY ME TO THE MOON

In these final hours and minutes of this Google Lunar X Prize Challenge… our team is using the energy of this month’s Full FLOWER Moon to beam our ideas across the Wisconsin and Minnesota State lines to gallantly complete the mission requirements of Phase 1. Here in WI we are humming the words to the 1954 Bart Howard song “Fly Me to the Moon “ to our Minnesota friends and the team robot, EPIC.

Hope you all join in as our team robot sings along with Frank Sinatra… “Fly Me to the Moon, Let me play among the Stars” ….. I am ready to BLAST OFF to Phase 2 with a countdown to June……

Thanks for the challenge Google Lunar X Prize Foundation and Lego Mindstorms!

******The total amount of views for our Team Video is 215!!!!!!!!!!!

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