Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day Five

Today we listed all the positive and negative response we received from our survey results. We continued to research potential reasons why we should travel to the moon. Using large chart paper we wrote all our requirements for phase one and taped them to our dinning room walls (don’t worry, our mom plans to paint them this summer). After reviewing our research we started to collect our teams thoughts and decided on our video theme. We feel like everything is falling into place. The other three members of our team will be spending the night on Friday. Lars will be traveling from Wisconsin to Minnesota to spend the weekend with our family. We plan to get a lot accomplished this weekend. Still finding some glitches in Lego Digital Design.

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  1. Here is Wisconsin we keep searching the web for interesting facts about the moon. Did you know much of the moon soil is made up of silicon, the same material for solar panels? Our brain food ( otherwise known as chocolate frosted cupcakes) for the big research weekend are baking in the oven as we write :) Do you think we can take cupcakes to the moon ?