Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Honored to Continue the Journey...

Our team’s anticipation was intense as we watched the computer screen throughout the day and night on Monday, waiting for the results. We knew that with all the extremely talented teams from around the world, this would be a tough competition. Judging must have been difficult due to the amazing entries.

At 11:00 p.m. we were glued to the computer monitor as the teams moving onto phase ll appeared. When we saw our name on the screen, our cheering could be heard by our neighbors and the man on the moon.

Thank You,

Team Just Ducky

Craft Name: Epic


  1. Our official Team Just Ducky lunar recipe:
    1. Have Fun
    2. Think Lunar
    3. Have Fun
    4. Be Creative
    5. Have more Chocolate cupcakes
    6. Go Forward with Hard work across State lines
    7. Think More Lunar :)

  2. Hey Team Ducky,

    I'm a member of the Molokai Mahina team, and I just saw that you commented on our blog. I'll show it to the others on our team when we meet again in a few days. Thanks for the comment and support! Have fun in Phase 2 for us! If we are ever in Minnesota with our robot we will definitely stop by for a visit.

    Mahalo (Thanks),
    A Molokai Mahina MoonBot Member (MMMM)