Friday, July 9, 2010

July 8, 2010

Mission Headquarters, Woodbury , MN:

July 7, 2010

Communication had been received that our long awaited Lunar Lego kit had been shipped July 6, 2010 from Billund, Denmark enroute to Minneapolis, MN. Emails, texts, and phone calls flew back and forth as team members were notified and we all watched the tracking information as to the next scanned site of Team Just Ducky’s Lunar components described as “3 pieces” shipped via DHL. Everyone tried to plan their activities in anticipation of gathering to open our boxes!

July 8, 2010

Communication received that our 3 pieces were in the USA and making its way across the States to the Midwest traveling the estimated 4, 164 miles ( thanks to Lars’ Google search) to our Woodbury, MN Headquarters and were “out for delivery” with usual delivery slated up to 8:00 pm in our Central Time zone. Team member updates were posted throughout the day. As the evening passed without sight of the delivery truck, Lars in Wisconsin decided to join his cross country group for their 7:00 run , Jacob’s family continued their nearby errands (phone readily available) , Mary Rose and Steffan stayed glued to the front window, ( Jake’s family was out of text range while in Canada) and Mission Headquarters was likened to “the night before Christmas” with visions of sugarplums ( Lunar Lego pieces) dancing in our heads.

Lunar energy exploded at 7:11 pm CT as the delivery truck pulled up the driveway to be met by our cameras and excited chatter! “I’ve never had my picture taken before” were the kind words of the surprised truck driver! Little did he realize the precious cargo in his hands. Thanks to cellular phones , Wisconsin was notified at 7:12 pm as was Jacob’s family that Team Just Ducky’s 3 pieces had arrived!

Logging unto Skype at 8:00 pm CT, Lars joined Steffan and Mary Rose in the excitement. Very much like Christmas morning with wrapped presents beneath the tree, each shipped piece was examined while everyone took turns guessing what was in each piece before Jacob arrived at 8:15pm.

Our opening ceremony began with a long distance toast with soda filled fluted glasses in Minnesota and and orange juice in Wisconsin as we each said a few words about our team friendship and journey ahead!


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